When Seconds Save Lives - Interoperablity is Essential!
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For the first time, Federal, State, and Local authorities are united. Based completely upon NIMS, this unique solution allows for all first responders and public safety entities to connect to a secure network to exchange information in real time.

In a 2008, the Department of Homeland Security released the National Emergency Communication Plan. This release articulated that a priority should placed upon creating a national communication network to allow for cross-jurisdictional interoperability.
The genesis of eTieline was a direct response to the NECP.

Utilitizing secure network scripting, eTieline can connect to existing networks, such as WebEOC, allowing eTieline users to post text, pictures, audio, and video messages from the field in seconds.

Our project was recently on demo at a Statewide Communication Rodeo in Indianapolis where it was identified by members of the United States Department of Homeland Security as both "revolutionary" and "the next generation of public safety communications”.
The Nations 1st and Largest Secure Public Safety Netork
eTieline is a secure, easy to use, communication tool that can be used across entire states or regions.
The simple interface allows for use during day-to-day local incidents and for large scale multi-jurisdictional emergencies.
eTieline Network brings together:
*Local Police Departments
*Local Fire Departments
*Local Airports
*County Emergency Managers
*County Information Technology Admins *Mayor/County Commissioners
*County Prosecutor
*County Health Department
*State/Local Emergency Operation Centers *Courtroom Judges
*Local Schools
*Local Department of Transportation Supervisors

eTieline users can send 2-way broadcast messages to entire groups in seconds!

Completely Archieved and can accesed at any time by the Local Administrator.

No Special Hardware Required! Installs on any Windows, Mac or Linux OS.

Mobile Network Access from any IOS, Android, or Blackberry Smartphone or Tablet

Affordable & Easy to Use

"eTieline, it just makes sense!"

eTieline utilzes the only technology approved by the US Department of Defense!

1st and Largest Secure Public Safety Network!
Created in 2011 by one visionary, one 911 director, two engineers, and one investor, eTieline (Patent Pending) is working to create a TRUE method of Interoperability between public safety officials and public safety answering points in our country.

eTieline was designed to fill a huge gap in the world of public safety; one that could be the difference between life and death.

With the development of eTieline, we have created a real-time messaging network between 911 centers and public officials.
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